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Tokyo On Foot Ebook

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Tokyo on Foot. This prize-winning book is both an illustrated tour of a Tokyo rarely seen in Japan travel guides and an artist's warm, funny, visually. This prize-winning book is both an illustrated tour of a Tokyo rarely seen in Japan travel guides and an artist's warm, funny, visually rich, and. download the Paperback Book Tokyo on Foot by Florent Chavouet at, Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City's Most Colorful. Kobo ebook.

I am not familier with Tokyo tho but Japan or maybe Tokyo? It was made in but last time I visited there is on and it's basically still the same. The drawings are sooo much detailed. And so my kind favorite style. I also love how Florent Chavouet Aww finally I had the chance to read this book.

I also love how Florent Chavouet amazingly succeeded showing the people's expression. I understand "the sarcasm" which in some points are quite true.

But also understand why some might think that this guy is just annoying because he complained a lot lol. The title itself is a little bit incorrect. Because he pedaled his bicycle and not walking on foot! And the fonts of the description mostly made me dizzy.

Tokyo on Foot

Overall it's a fun read. It has been said before, but Tokyo is sort of like numerous layers of an onion. Each layer is a unique taste, and I often feel Tokyo is sort of a city with many dimensions - in sort of a Philip K. Dick way of looking at a landscape or even JG Ballard.

[PDF] Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City's Most Colorful Neighborhoods [Download] Full Ebook

Also for the past 25 years I have been trying to write a long prose piece about the city, but it never came out go I've been coming back and forth to and from Tokyo for the past 25 years, and it is without a doubt an amazing city on so many levels. Also for the past 25 years I have been trying to write a long prose piece about the city, but it never came out good in my opinion. I think my problem is that I am trying to locate a position to write from - and Tokyo is very much like a devilishly tasty ice cream cone.

There are so many ways to eat that cone, all of it pleasant, but never the essential all-over experience. After so many years, I am still acquiring new things about the city. He wisely divides the book into different sections of the city, and gives a very subjective, yet I think the popular view of each area of the city.

Which means the iconic as well as something personal. There have been a few books I have read by foreigners either British or American that strikes me as either just plain wrong or naive at its worst, but here Chavouet goes into each area and just draws various people and buildings, but he adds details either through his illustration or minimal text.

It isn't the Tokyo of packaged tours and glossy guidebooks, but a grittier, vibrant place, full of ordinary people going about their daily lives and the scenes and activities that unfold on the streets of a bustling metropolis.

Here you find businessmen and women, hipsters, students, grandmothers, shopkeepers, policemen, and other urban types and tribes in all manner of dress and hairstyles. A temple nestles among skyscrapers; the corner grocery anchors a diverse assortment of dwellings, cafes, and shops—often tangled in electric lines. The artist mixes styles and tags his pictures with wry comments and observations.

Realistically rendered advertisements or posters of pop stars contrast with cartoon sketches of iconic objects or droll vignettes, like a housewife walking her pet pig, a Godzilla statue in a local park, and an urban fishing pond that charges yen per half hour.

This very personal guide to Tokyo is organized by neighborhood with hand-drawn maps that provide an overview of each neighborhood, but what really defines them is what caught the artist's eye and attracted his formidable drawing talent. Florent Chavouet begins his introduction by observing that, "Tokyo is said to be the most beautiful of ugly cities. Read more Read less. site Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. What other items do customers download after viewing this item?

Super Cheap Japan: Matthew Baxter. John H. Across Tokyo site Edition. Erik Curre. Editorial Reviews Review "From what Chavouet saw, did, ate—bugs, festivals, storefronts, a fake French mansion, random drinks and snacks—his illustrations catch perfect little details you'll never find in any guidebook. His myriad of people caught in the midst of their everyday lives are undoubtedly the book's highlight.

Chavouet in which he chronicled his adventures in Japan with his gorgeous hand-drawn pictures and in writing. As well as those who like quality drawings of people in their daily lives.

Realistically rendered city views or posters of pop stars contrast with cartoon sketches of iconic objects or droll vignettes…With wit, a playful sense of humor, and the colored pencils of his kit, Chavouet sets aside the question of urban ugliness or beauty and captures the Japanese essence of a great city.

It will appeal to the armchair traveler who yearns for a bit of the exotic, the wanderer who wants to someday visit the Land of the Rising Sun, and, indeed, anyone who appreciates the marriage of grit and beauty, self-deprecating wit, and losing oneself in good pictures for a while.

The execution is confident—a positive side-effect of it having no agenda but to represent his individual experience. The book is a diary of Chavouet's six months in Tokyo. And, it's worth the money, at least for people who can appreciate Chavouet's observations on life in Japan and who can enjoy his artwork, which is intriguing, if somewhat reminiscent of classic Mad Magazine drawings.

Chavouet depicts the everyday sights of Tokyo—much of which are universal sights in homogeneous Japan—in a way that's so detailed that you feel as if you can walk into the pages.

It's almost like the feeling you get when you see one of those picture-perfect towns made of Legos. Florent Chavouet is a young graphic artist and author living in Paris. When he returned from Japan, he realized that all the observing and sketching he had done in Tokyo led to his evolution as an artist. This is his first book.

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Showing of 80 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. I almost didn't pick up this book, with its dull "Tokyo on Foot" title However, the whimsical sketches on the front and back cover grabbed my attention, and as soon as I started flipping through the pages I was hooked. I lived in Japan for two years, one of them in Yokohama so I am quite familiar with Tokyo , and this captured the experience of living in the Tokyo area perfectly: One of the only major omissions I can think of that a resident of Tokyo will notice is the absence of trains, subways, etc.

Note, however, that this is not really the "tourist's Tokyo". The fact that this book starts off in nondescript Machiya an area of Tokyo warranting only a few scant sentences even in the Japanese language version of Wikipedia should be a clue.

If you pick up this book hoping to see sketches of Meiji Shrine, the Imperial Palace, or Asakusa's Sensoji Temple, you will be sorely disappointed. As a result, while I think this book will be of interest to anyone with an interest in Japan, I think this will be of the most interest to people who have experience living in Japan, the Tokyo area in particular although much will be familiar to people who lived in other parts of Japan, particularly the urban areas.

The author shines in his attention to the little details and everyday events that combine to make up that sometimes-thrilling, sometimes-frustrating, never-boring experience that is living in Japan. For such people, this book is a 5-star experience--it will bring back vivid memories of your time living in Japan and for the artistically inclined, it will likely leave you kicking yourself for not thinking of doing this book first!

For those who have been to Japan only on short trips as tourists, 4 stars: I'm sure this will still be enjoyable, although many of the details will go unappreciated. For everyone else, depending on your level of interest in Japan, this may or may not be of interest--flip through a few pages first, and I imagine you will either be hooked if so, download it! Personally, for me as a former "gaijin-in-residence" and Japanophile longing for an opportunity to go back, I found this book to be delightful and I poured over the details and the maps as I reminisced about my days living in Japan.

There are many books on Tokyo and Japan in general, but this is a truly unique and special work I am glad to have the chance to add it to my bookshelf, and am happy to recommend it to others.

I really hesitated to give this only four stars. It's a great book. But the color reproduction seems off, at least in this English version. If you look at Florent's blog, you can see much better color reproduction. I understand that the color spaces are different on screen and in print, but that's really no excuse for the yellow hue that I'm seeing as I browse the book. Hopefully this can be remedied in future editions. And of course, this does not reflect on Florent's art, which is beautiful and fun to browse.

I also don't envy whoever went through the whole book and did the English lettering, trying to match Florent's style, but I'm really grateful it's available in my language. I love this book! Fun notes and observations makes it feel like you're on the trip with chavouet.

This book is a pictorial diary of the author's time roaming tokyo while his girlfriend got a job there for a few months. If you download this book thinking it's a guide, you'll be sorely mistaken.

The guy drew his observations and comments on his experience. The style is relatable, cartoon caricatures in color pencils.

Clueless in Tokyo: An Explorer's Sketchbook of Weird and Wonderful Things in Japan

Fun look through and study of some smaller "everyday" neighborhoods most tourists overlook when they're there to see see see the sights! The artist also concentrated on the area of 1 train line which he frequent which is nice there's a concentration.Ebooks lezen is heel makkelijk.

Moon Nashville. Moon Rome Walks. With wit, a playful sense of humor, and the colored pencils of his kit, Chavouet sets aside the question of urban ugliness or beauty and captures the Japanese essence of a great city.

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