Learning Objectives: After reading this chapter you will be able to. > explain PR concepts. > explain the importance, functions and elements of. Public relations. Principles, evolution, and professional practice of modern public relations. communication/persuasion and how to apply them to specific public relations. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Strategic public relations planning and research techniques have evolved into the most powerful Strategic .

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This is the book Public Relations (v. ). This book is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa ( Advertising – Information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for time or space. Marketing – Management function that identifies human needs . PDF | On Sep 1, , Shahram Gilaninia and others published The Role of Public Relations in Organization.

They did a presentation to sell-side analysts this morning which went smoothly. Another client an Italian retail bank has sent a letter complaining about our services over the last two years. It is a difficult balance to strike. Just got a call from a client who we worked for five months ago — his deal collapsed but we did a good few weeks of hard work and had put in an abort fee.

I have been chasing him for ages and he has finally agreed to pay us — will believe it when I see it but good to know he agrees in principle! The Sunday Times is writing a feature on pension fund trustees who have shown themselves to be very powerful in bid situations such as the proposed private equity bid for WH Smith which they eventually blocked — as we look after three private equity companies including Permira, the largest in Europe we have been trying all day to find someone to be quoted in this feature and I have finally pinned someone down.

Very busy day today — difficult to describe but the emails in my inbox are some indication. And a potential client dinner tonight. Mission statement Seafish works with the seafood industry to satisfy consumers, raise standards, improve efficiency and secure a sustainable future. Focus groups — for example, informal discussion groups of employees, groups of consumers or a cross-section of the public.

Focus groups can be more structured, however, and use an independent moderator to elicit discussion around key themes. Advisory committees, panels or boards — many non-profit organisations have these to gauge responses to ideas. Call-in telephone lines e. Mail analysis — this involves examining letters to identify comments and criticisms. Online sources — monitoring chatrooms and websites for rumours is an increasingly important source of intelligence.

Field reports — these are people such as the salesforce who can serve as useful early warning for potentially difficult situations. It works closely with some trade bodies across the UK.

As an executive nondepartmental public body NDPB , sponsored by the four UK government fisheries departments and funded primarily by a levy on seafood landed, farmed or imported, it is accountable to all these stakeholders, as well as those who provide it with grant assistance for individual project work. Seafish must demonstrate to all these groups that its services offer good value for money. Identifying stakeholders Identifying stakeholders is often a complex business.

Figure The inner circle shows the priority stakeholders with the outer rings showing those with progressively less stake in the organisation.

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The Sea Fish Industry Authority Seafish , established in , works across all sectors of the UK seafood industry to promote quality seafood. Its research and projects are aimed at raising standards, improving efficiency and sustainability and ensuring that the entire industry develops in a viable way.

Evaluation Importance of evaluation Evaluation is the evergreen topic of the entire practice and one of the areas where both practitioners and academics have a vast common interest.

In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations has initiated and coordinated research on evaluation and encouraged practitioners to evaluate their efforts in a systematic way by using a variety of methods.

Evaluating public relations activities is essential for many reasons, including accountability, assessment of programme effectiveness and professionalism. Evaluation is the systematic assessment of the impacts of public relations activities.

It a purposeful process, carried out for a specific audience.

Audiences include numerous parties that have an interest in the evaluation — the organisation, the public relations practitioners involved, target publics and the evaluators themselves. Sometimes an external agency, such as a media monitoring company, does media evaluation. See Activity In a typical public relations campaign, the following actors are present: the organisation, which can activity You could add residents, local businesses, central government, and so on. Out of these four actors, the emphasis has been on media, and print media evaluation still dominates the field of evaluation.

During the early s the organisational dimension was emphasised, demonstrating how public relations can add value to achieving organisational goals. Table For an extensive evaluation, each of these orientations should be considered. However, the emphasis often remains on only one or two of these dimensions. Evaluation often serves as budget or action justification. In the media orientation approach the emphasis is on the quantity how many articles were generated, how big is the circulation of the newspaper in which an article appeared and quality of media coverage negative, positive tone.

See Mini case Public relations practitioners overemphasise print media evaluation. Despite the fact that the world is moving more and more towards image-based communication, public relations practice has been slow to embrace methods of evaluating TV and other types of image.

Fathers4Justice is a pressure group in the UK whose aim is to highlight the problems of fathers separated from their children by divorce or relationship breakdown. Each chapter also has a number of Activities that provide an opportunity to put what is being learnt in to practice.

New legislation is on the horizon. The EU Directive on Information and Consultation, which demands that larger companies consult with employees on a range of issues, provides public relations with large opportunities.

Kotler and Zaltman first introduce the concept of social marketing in the early seventies Kotler A step towards creating beginnings of the public and Zaltman, By translate social action efforts into more effectively the middle of fifteen century, major cities in Italy designed and communicated programs that elicit established boards of health who were in charge desired audience response. This report brought fifty recommendations and a model of state public health law Rosen, University of London will bring about the pursuit of profit and not and Harvard University were the pioneers of those quality of care; research programs.

By the mid twentieth century, public health activities had evolved into fields of: Communication role: Notify individuals and communities of potential health hazards e. Use for understanding and motivating behaviour multiple levels of communication, including change in specific populations of interest.

Public social marketing and community education, to health organizations use these techniques not only bring about healthy lifestyles. Using a marketing approach can to identify and solve health problems. Assist in the development effectiveness of specific health interventions and of coalitions and partnerships that will lead to to strengthen the institutional capacity of the public collaborative action.

But social marketing investment and outcomes. Share and its framework, so it includes market research, information with the regulated community to public segmentation, competition, marketing mix, facilitate the adherence to proper licensing and consumer orientation and monitoring Grier and safety standards; ensure easy access e.

Bryant, Communication plays an important role in Communication role: Inform medically the context of public healthcare. The role of underserved population about opportunities communication in performing the public healthcare for health care and the need for preventive services could be summarised as follows Harrell, services. Inform policy professionals.

While there is a presence of makers about the efficacy of population-based enthusiasm towards PR when it produces highly health services. Springston and Weaver Lariscy, solutions to health problems. Communication , the PR activities are highly scrutinised for role: Publish results of applied research in their return on investment Hutchins, Conclusion Like never before, public healthcare is faced with PR is considered as a multifaceted field which so many challenges and expectations.

Thanks to belongs to both marketing and management. While some field or is it limited to the field of marketing.

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As the 60 years ago PR practitioners in healthcare had literature review shows, their opinions are relatively an easy job to create awareness and preference opposed and there are also certain tendencies for healthcare since the healthcare organizations for the merger of different marketing functions in of that time enjoyed public support and sympathy order to address the multifaceted nature of PR.

Furthermore, the and Bryan, , p. Malpractice, scandals, practical aspect of PR in the public healthcare mistakes and misunderstandings occur in medical could also be comparatively approached from both and health care like in any other organization. Because of the nature of public healthcare, it is the task of PR to help in bringing public health care institutions and public together by providing References accurate information.

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Share This: the Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals

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Images of public relations in New Zealand: By Graeme Sterne. By Mohamed Kirat. Social Media's Function in Organizations: A Functional Analysis Approach. By Sina Aghakhani. Professional competition and cooperation in the digital age: A pilot study of New Zealand practitioners.

By Margalit Toledano.Risk management is intimately bound up in relationship building with important stakeholders. Nsukka Journal of the Humanities No. Ongoing communication with the research client is imperative. Research is the planner's homework. It is part of public relations that work activities provided by an outside source in in publicly held corporations i. Theaker Eds.

Companies are now practice.