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You can download the book from here -Library Genesis. Hope you found what you were looking for. BC Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret—a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata; a secret that could destroy the wor. The Mahabharata Secret, The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret, A Secret Revealed, and The Secret Of The Druids.

As she raced down the dirt track, she heard shouts behind her. The coughs rang out once again, and bullets thudded into the Land Cruiser as she pressed the accelerator to the floor. She had to get to the tomb. There were two armed guards at the tomb site and they would protect her from the madness that suddenly seemed to have broken loose here. The floodlights which had been fitted to light up the excavation were off and so were the generators powering them.

Where were the guards? She jumped out of the vehicle and stumbled across the uneven ground. Though she knew her way around, she had never been here after dark, aided only by the light of the stars. Abruptly, she tripped over something heavy on the ground and just about managed to regain her balance.

Shocked, she realised that it was Geordi, one of the guards. She bent down to check on him but there was no pulse. He was dead. She stood up warily, confused; caught between the need to understand what was happening here, and her instinct, which was telling her to flee. Even as she struggled with her thoughts, a dark shadow clambered out of the shaft that led to the underground tomb.

Alice froze. Only now did she see the helicopter, an immense shadow off to one side. Her mind was a whirl of confused thoughts of which one stood out clearly. She was trapped. Imran stared at the email he had just received, unable to believe his eyes. Anwar and Imran had grown up together in Meerut before Anwar moved to Lucknow to stay with his uncle, after losing both his parents.

That was years ago, but the two boys had kept in touch as they grew up. But the two had remained good friends. Until five years ago when Anwar had suddenly vanished without a trace. And now, he had turned up out of nowhere.

A ghost from the past. He opened the email. And felt like someone had punched him in the face. It contained two words. Help Anwar … and into the fire Alice stood, immobilised, as the shadow emerged from the shaft and advanced towards her. She saw it move one hand to its hip and realised it was reaching for a weapon. This gun had no silencer. There was no need for stealth here. Bullets smacked into the windows, shattering them, as she struggled to start the car.

A bullet whizzed past her face and embedded itself in the passenger seat next to her. Alice threw the vehicle into forward gear and raced away from the tomb. Another bullet thudded into the stereo system and she bent low over the wheel, hysterical with fear, trying to control her panic, one thought racing through her head. She had to get away. Behind her, she heard the helicopter start up and she knew that the intruders were going to hunt her down and kill her.

Who were these people and what did they want? Sobbing and shaking with fear, she sped towards the E75, the toll road that led to Thessaloniki. It was the only thing she could think of at the moment. The sound of the helicopter pursuing her followed in her wake.

She pressed hard on the steering wheel of the Land Cruiser as if that would make the vehicle go faster. But she knew that the helicopter would overtake her.

It was just a matter of time. Imran knew he was stretching his official privileges. He knew one thing for sure from the message he had received. His friend was in trouble. And Imran was going to do everything he could to help. As they raced back towards IB headquarters Imran barked orders into his phone.

The red beacon ensured that traffic made way for them. It was as if the traffic jams miraculously melted away, like snow under a deluge of salt.

Back in his office, Imran summoned his team. His anger was on a tight leash, his apparent calmness a thin veneer disguising his worry that he might be too late to help his friend. He was sure that Anwar had been interrupted while typing the message which had prevented him from providing more details.

I want the physical address. Every second was valuable. This is an emergency.

But he was convinced his friend was in dire trouble. Tonight was the night he would break rules if necessary, even though he had never done it in his long career with the IPS. The men scurried out, looking at each other in bewilderment. Imran leaned back in his chair and exhaled.

He could only hope they figured it out in time. She screamed involuntarily. In the rear view mirror, through her tears, she saw the ball of fire rise above the excavation site. They had destroyed the tomb! Fortunately, she had photographed the find.

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She still had the memory stick from the camera with her. She consoled herself with the thought that, though the destruction of the tomb was an irretrievable loss to history and archaeology, she still had something that could be salvaged.

Then it struck her. And she was a living testimonial to the discovery within the tomb. They would not rest until she was dead. There was a sudden bump on the roof of the Land Cruiser. The pilot was battering the roof of the vehicle using the struts of the helicopter. Alice jumped in her seat and screamed again, her nerves on edge with the trauma of the evening and the realisation that she would be relentlessly hunted down.

She shifted gears and accelerated again. Whatever happened tonight, she was not going to give up so easily. They may get her in the end, but she would not meekly surrender. Apparently the helicopter pilot realised that, and, with a sudden burst of speed, the chopper veered off to the right, racing ahead of her and then arcing back towards her, descending as it approached the SUV. Alice stared in horror at the sight of the helicopter heading straight at her.

She instinctively realised what the pilot was trying to do. While it was evident that he planned to land on the motorway and block her path, he was also trying to add to her terror by playing with her mind, making her believe that he was going to ram the SUV head on. Alice struggled to get a hold of herself. The thought of someone thinking that she was so helpless that she would allow herself to be toyed with helped her centre herself. You want a game of roulette, you got it.

Then, the pilot seemed to think the better of it and settled the helicopter down on the motorway, straight in the path of the oncoming Land Cruiser. He had given up the psychological tactics and was now banking on a physical rather than a mental obstacle. A lone figure emerged from the helicopter as its rotors died down and Alice realised that there was no one accompanying the pilot in the helicopter.

The man stood to one side, waiting like a spider in its web watching the approach of a fly, secure in the knowledge that the fly would be trapped in its silken snare. Alice looked wildly around, desperately searching for a way out. If there was a way out of her predicament, she knew she would never find it if she allowed herself to succumb to the terror that was threatening to overcome her. Blinking back her tears, she forced herself to focus on the scene ahead of her, even as her instincts goaded her against it.

Then she saw it. A chance, however slim, but it offered her hope. Alice slowed down again and did some quick mental calculations.

It might just work. The pilot, interpreting her slowing down as an indication that she was going to stop, began advancing towards her. The murder had led to the uncovering of a shocking secret that involved Asoka the Great and the Mahabharata. Vijay grinned at Colin. I thought he was all charm. You know, when our friend Kidwai first told us that the US and Indian governments planned to set up this joint task force, I thought it was a great idea. But now I know how Red Riding Hood felt when she went walking in the woods.

It was a great walk until the wolf jumped out at her. Just this morning they had both been summoned to the headquarters of the Intelligence Bureau to meet with Michael Blake, the CIA operative who had worked with the IB on their adventure last year.

Blake was accompanied by the American who had been appointed by the US President to head the joint task force.

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It was for this meeting that Colin had flown down from the US a few days earlier. Bill Patterson was 6 feet 3 inches, all muscle, and evidently all brain too, given his credentials as a PhD in molecular biology as well as chemical biology.

Colin, a natural rebel, had disliked him from the moment he laid eyes on Patterson. His instinctive feeling of repulsion had led to an acrimonious debate over how much devolution of decision making would take place, with Colin ending up at the losing end of the argument. He was still smarting at the encounter. And you should be, too. Only if there is military action or anything that requires specialist training. You and I had nothing to do with preventing Farooq from getting away with the secret of the Nine.

Our job as part of this task force is to investigate and test hypotheses. If there is any action, it should be left to the guys who are trained for the job. He looked at his watch instead. She whizzed past the surprised pilot who began running after the speeding SUV. Alice prayed fervently that her gamble would pay off. Was the gap wide enough? The next instant, the Land Cruiser was scraping metal on both sides and the sound of metal crumpling and tearing shattered the silence of the night, as the vehicle squeezed past the helicopter on one side and the metal railing at the shoulder of the highway, on the other side.

For a long moment, time seemed to slow down. It seemed to Alice that the helicopter and the railing were both converging on the SUV, crushing it, shattering the remaining windows that had not been shot out earlier that night. Alice closed her eyes and willed the SUV to force its way through as the harsh grinding of the metal seemed to pierce right through her brain. Suddenly, the Land Cruiser seemed to leap forward, freed of the crushing restraints it had endured.

With a start, Alice realised that the vehicle had made it through the gap and she could see the highway stretching ahead of her. A new burst of energy surged through her and her hopes lifted. She forced the accelerator to the floor trying to put as much distance between the SUV and the helicopter, before the pilot could recover and take to the skies once more. Behind her, through the glassless windows of the SUV, she heard the pilot shout curses and hunched down in her seat in anticipation of the shooting which she was sure would follow.

Bullets began whizzing past her head once again. The front windscreen metamorphosed into a spider web of silvery cracks as a bullet tore through it. Her hopes sank again, as she slowed to a pace that allowed her to focus on the road ahead. But minutes ticked by and she heard nothing apart from the sound of the wind rushing through the cabin of the SUV, through the shattered windows, and the roar of its engine. She wondered if the helicopter had been damaged by her daring getaway or whether the pilot had decided to give up the chase.

Initially, she had thought that the antiquities mafia was behind this. That would certainly explain the furore over photographing the tomb. If photographs of any artefacts within the tomb were leaked to the world, it would become very difficult to hawk them on the antiquities black market, especially for a tomb that was as famous as this one.

But that theory was blown to bits along with the tomb itself. There seemed to be no logical explanation. What could anyone gain from the destruction of a two-thousand-year-old tomb? And why go to the trouble of excavating the tomb for over a year only to destroy it?

There seemed to be no answers forthcoming. She was now driving over the Loudias river and she knew it would not be long before she reached Thessaloniki. With an effort, she pushed away the thoughts about what had happened so far and tried to focus on what lay ahead of her. It was extremely likely that the pilot, if he was linked to Stavros and Peter as it seemed, also had accomplices in Thessaloniki. Rather than pursue her, it would have been easier to call ahead and have people waiting for her to enter Thessaloniki.

She realised that she was not out of the woods yet. Alice stopped the SUV, and got out, forcing back her tears. She had to take control of herself. Marco was dead. And so was Damon. But she wanted to get out of this alive. She stood at the rail of the bridge and pounded against it with her fists until they hurt, trying to vent her frustration. She thought of Marco and his unnecessary death.

Why did his luck have to run out so soon? She turned her tear-stained face to the sky which was speckled with stars, but found no solace there. Gripping the rails of the bridge, she forced herself to think. There was a US consulate in Thessaloniki. She had to get there. It was the only place where she thought she could be truly safe.

That would suffice to establish her identity and seek asylum in the consulate. She whipped out her mobile phone and looked up the address of the consulate. That was a start. Next, she figured she should call someone and ask for help. Her boyfriend. For a moment, she hesitated. Was he even her boyfriend any longer? She had no idea. But he was all that she had. Apart from her few friends, none of whom were close enough for her to rely on. Alice dialled his number. It rang a few times and was abruptly disconnected.

She looked at the time. It was early morning back in the States.


She tried again with the same response. A few rings and then a busy tone. Disheartened, she looked at the phone screen which displayed a message informing her that the number she was trying to call was busy. He was awake. The thought that he was deliberately not taking her calls hurt even more tonight. The one person who should have been there for her at a time like this, when she was so delicately balanced between life and death, was suddenly missing from her life.

Another surge of tears threatened to well up and she forced them back. She had to be strong if she wanted to make it. Another name swam into her thoughts, and she punched in a number. This time it was not a mobile but a landline number.

A female voice answered the phone after two rings. How may I help you? Alice found her voice shaking with the trauma of her experience. It is urgent. She was on her own. There was no help at hand. With an effort, she pulled herself together. Perhaps if she explained…?

I will have a message sent to Mr Wallace right away. Unfortunately, he does not believe in carrying a personal mobile phone, so it may take a while before I can reach him. My only request to you is to ensure that you keep checking to see that your mobile phone is accessible to incoming calls.

Hopefully, Wallace would call back soon and help would be at hand. But until then she had to get by on her wits. She tried to clear her mind, trying to define a goal that she could work towards. The US consulate. She had to reach the consulate. The A2 motorway, which had merged with the E75 a short distance back, delinked from the E75 at the Axios Interchange which lay a short distance ahead, and then carried on towards Thessaloniki.

A few miles after the Galikos bridge, the A2 merged into the Nea Dytiki Isodos which eventually led to the Navarchou Kountouriotou from where, after a short distance, she could turn left for Tsimiski. This was the route outlined by the GPS.

What had caught her interest were two alternate routes that she could see on the screen. The first alternate route entailed branching off the Nea Dytiki Isodos and onto 26 Oktovriou which curved back to rejoin it at the junction where she would turn into the Navarchou Kountouriotou. Neither of these routes would help her, she realised, since there were sure to be men lying in wait for her at the junction that both routes led to.

The second alternate route seemed more promising. Instead of turning into 26 Oktovriou, she could take the next exit which would lead her under the motorway and onto 28 Oktovriou and then, after a while, turn onto Monastiriou which eventually led to Egnatia, from where a right turn would bring her to Tsimiski.

It was this route that she decided to take. As she walked towards the car, another name occurred to her. Someone she could trust and rely on.

At least she thought so. Her boyfriend at college. It had been one of her best relationships, while it lasted. Eventually he had stopped trying, realising that there was no point.

Part of the reason why she had broken off all contact with him was because she was bitter about the manner in which they had broken up. She had always thought this would be the one that would last, culminating in marriage and a lifetime together.

For some reason, today, alone and hurting, in trouble and needing someone to talk to, she felt the compulsion to call her former boyfriend. She thought for a few moments then scrolled through a few more contacts.

She quickly made up her mind and punched in a number. Come on, pick up! Unless, of course, he had deleted it from his contact list.

Which was possible after all these years. Eleven years without any news from her. And now, she was calling him. What had happened after such a long time to make her change her mind? His first instinct on seeing her number was to take the call. But he hesitated, unsure, perhaps even afraid, especially with things the way they were. If she was trying to get back together, that would really complicate the situation. He took a deep breath and accepted the call, not knowing what to expect.

He had noticed the tremor in her voice. There was silence when she had finished. Finally, Colin spoke. If Stavros and Peter are behind all this, who knows about the others?

And I think Damon was part of it, too. I think your plan to enter Thessaloniki using the alternate route is a good one. You head for the consulate. I really appreciate this, Colin. Talk to you soon. Her mind made up, she started the engine and moved forward again. But she had barely gone a kilometre when her phone began ringing. She grabbed it and looked at the screen.

Was it Wallace? Alice poured out her heart to Wallace. She could hardly believe that barely an hour had passed since she had entered the tomb and so much had happened since then. Then Wallace spoke, his voice decisive and authoritative. That gives us enough time to sort things out.

In other circumstances, she may have found his tone almost patronising. But he seemed to be her best option to get out of here alive. You have my word. Just carry on driving. Someone will contact you within the next ten minutes.

Call me when you reach the consulate. I must go now. For the first time tonight, she realised that there was no one else on the highway. She had passed no cars going in either direction. That was unnatural. And more than a bit eerie. She drove steadily now, her mind calmed by the conversation with Wallace.

As she passed over the Axios river, her phone rang again. Her heart skipped a beat. Was she really hearing this? Wallace had contacted the local police? The police officer on the line swiftly outlined the plan. An escort of three motorcycle borne policemen would meet her at the intersection on the Nea Dytiki Isodos and accompany her, not to the American consulate, which was closed at this hour, but to a hotel where armed guards would be stationed outside her room and in the lobby for her protection.

The consulate would be in touch with her directly to arrange her papers for departure from Thessaloniki to the US. The terror of the last one hour had numbed her and this news was like a monsoon shower after a drought. She thanked the police officer profusely before hanging up. Then she stopped the car and stepped out onto the road, collapsing to her knees and allowed her pent up emotions to overwhelm her, as she burst into tears of relief, her body trembling — this time not with fear but with the joy of knowing that she was finally going to be safe.

He raised one eyebrow enquiringly. He glanced at the sheet of paper the man placed on his desk. One of his agents received a call.

He listened to the caller, then turned to Imran. The police escort had met her as promised and accompanied her to a hotel where she had been checked in under an assumed name. The police would open a case file and investigations would commence immediately with a manhunt to apprehend Stavros and Peter. The consulate had called to say that the documents that would help her leave the country would be ready before noon the next day. They had reassured her that she was under their protection and would be completely safe now.

Wallace had certainly pulled a whole lot of strings and she was grateful for his help. Only one thing remained now. She needed to book her ticket out of here.

She would do that tomorrow.

Stavros and Peter knew where she was from and probably had her home address as well. While she felt safe and protected here, who would protect her in the US?

He had done his bit and more in getting her out of this mess. Where could she go?

She had pondered over this question as she showered. She switched on the television. The accidents had been reported by anonymous callers and no one was on the scene when the police had arrived in both cases. The people involved had, apparently, deserted the accident scenes. A cold fear gripped her as she heard the news. What had she got herself into? This was no ordinary conspiracy. Whatever was going on, it was big. If they could plan on something as crazy as blocking off the highway for a few hours just to ensure that no one from the excavation site made it out alive, there was something really big at stake here.

But what was it? She racked her brains but could come up with no explanation that made sense. Her phone rang, interrupting her thoughts. And, by the way, I do think that I have asked you before to call me Kurt.

I think I need to get out of here really fast. A private jet? Kurt Wallace definitely had friends in high places. She pulled herself together as she realised that he was planning to ship her back home. She explained to Wallace her apprehensions about returning to the US, gently and politely but firmly brushing aside his offer to help her find a safe place to stay there. It will be organised. Expect a call around 10 am.

Was she doing the right thing? Alice firmly pushed the thought away. She had to confront her demons. She had run from them for too long. They had arrived three hours ago at the medical centre, only to find the firemen battling a fierce blaze that had consumed most of the top three floors of the facility, a four storeyed building. Fifteen fire tenders had battled the fire for four hours before it was brought under control.

Imran, the IB team and the commandos had stood by helplessly, watching, unable to contribute to the operation, as the firemen went about their job. As soon as he received permission to enter the building, Imran had rushed in, shouting instructions to the commandos, the firemen and his team. While the upper storeys were ravaged, the ground floor seemed to be intact. They conduct research into pathological diseases for Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc. But it seems that this was a centre where they conducted clinical trials for their research programs.

Apparently, they are working on developing a few molecules which are touted to be the next big thing in medicine. Fourth floor. A cold dread took hold of Imran as he sprinted up the stairs.

Though he was in his mid-forties, he was still very fit, working out regularly, and he took the stairs two at a time. As he entered the fourth floor from the stairwell, he recoiled in shock. The entire floor was charred. What was not destroyed by the fire had been devastated by the water from the fire tenders. He sloshed through the puddles on the floor and entered what looked like it had been an IT lab, now lit up by torches and the head lamps of the firemen.

Charred furniture and blackened computer terminals greeted his eyes. And his worst fears seemed to come true. On one of the chairs, seated before a computer terminal, was a charred body. No positive identification is possible right now. The body is charred beyond recognition. Then he pulled himself together.

The Mahabharata Quest the Alexander Secret by Christopher C. Doyle

Who owns this place? What were they doing here? What caused the fire? It seemed to extend downwards for quite a distance, as if accessing the basement levels of the building. Sensing something odd, Varun Jha, the agent had forced the elevator open. The panel for choosing floors was an electronic touch panel rather than the more commonplace buttons. Nothing seemed to be out of place except for the fact that there were no basements mentioned on the panel.

Jha noticed that there was a second, smaller panel almost hidden below the main one. It was blank, but he had a suspicion that if someone were to swipe a card with the correct authentication, the panel would show up more floors. Going down. The resourceful agent had then spoken to the firefighters, on the assumption that, if there were hidden basements below the building, there should also be a staircase to access them as a backup to the lift. The firefighters had stormed into the stairwell and discovered that the stairs led to a small square room which was bare.

A dead end. Jha had instructed the firefighters to demolish sections of the three walls surrounding the stairwell. It had paid off. The wall directly in front of the stairs had an empty space beyond it. It was then that Jha had called Imran, who now hurried into the chamber at the foot of the stairs and watched the firemen break the wall down. As the wall was being flattened, cables and ducting broke free and flapped around aimlessly.

Clearly there was some sort of electronic rigging that probably operated a hidden doorway in the wall. When they had finished, a landing was revealed which led to stairs going down to the lower levels of the building.

Imran was afraid of what they might find. If someone had gone to such lengths to keep the basement hidden, there must have been something important to conceal.

Enter a world of secrets, mysteries and danger!

He remembered his brush with a disappearing wall the previous year. It had concealed a secret from the Mahabharata and he had almost lost his life looking for it. Torches were organised and the IB agents, with the firemen, cautiously made their way down the stairs. It was obvious that the people in charge had fled, but there could be people trapped down there who needed to be rescued.

But the rescuers were not prepared for what they found. The basement had three levels. The two lowest levels seemed to have been some kind of accommodation, with small cubicles lining long, narrow corridors. Only this was no hotel or dormitory. The cells were all locked from the outside, using electronic locks.

And the occupants of the cells were dead. Not from asphyxiation. The bodies were riddled with bullets. While the fire had left these levels untouched, not one soul was alive. Imran turned to Arjun.

And get me all the data you can about their operations in India, their history, the trials they are conducting. I want to know everything about them before I meet these guys. Arjun waited. When Imran had finished, Arjun looked surprised. Imran gazed around at the bodies and the cells. Hidden basements. Bullet ridden corpses. What was happening here? Someone had gone to great lengths to destroy this building.

Were they trying to destroy evidence? In which case, what would that evidence point to? What had happened to Anwar? And what was he doing in a facility that conducted clinical trials? There were too many questions. An unsettling feeling nagged at him.

He knew the feeling well. He had a hunch. Something told him that this was a massive cover-up for a deeper, darker purpose. He set his jaw as he contemplated his next steps. Whatever it took, he would get to the bottom of this mystery. Jaungarh Fort Vijay stroked his chin thoughtfully as he stood at the centre of the room which he had discovered just last week.

The fort was fairly large, built in five levels with over fifty rooms, and Vijay had not had either the time or the inclination to immediately explore all the rooms after he had inherited the fort a year ago. He had stayed largely confined to the study on the first floor and his own room on the second floor. While he was familiar with some of the rooms in the fort, there were many which he had never set eyes on. Over the last six months, he had finally started on the task of getting to know the fort better.

It was during this exploration that he had discovered several interesting rooms. Two weeks ago, however, he discovered something totally unexpected. He had come upon a room on the fifth level of the fort, just below the terrace. They reach a mountain formation called The Three Brothers, and climb the shortest of the three ridges. Inside a sealed chamber, the group find a number of vessels which had contained the churned Amrita.

One chamber is full of snakes and Van Kleuck orders his men to take a pair of each, as they would be the virus needed in the potion. After finishing their job they lock Vijay inside, but are ambushed by the Kazakh Air force choppers and MiGs outside and escapes. Vijay is rescued and brought back to India.

In New Delhi, the group, along with Kidwai continue searching for the Order and Radha, although knowing she might be dead.


One night, Vijay receives a mysterious phone call from a person claiming to be his father's ally, but promises to meet him with important information only after six months. Author Christopher C. Doyle released his first novel, The Mahabharata Secret in , calling it a story that he wrote for his daughter, which gradually expanded into a novel.

Doyle started researching more for the second book, utilizing the ideas he developed for the first one, reading the Mahabharata and a host of other research and books. The Alexander Secret was described by Doyle as "a contemporary thriller which is an intriguing blend of history, science and mythology.

I could not accept the traditional explanation that his soldiers revolted at the banks of the Beas river saying they wanted to go back For a man who had marched 20, miles in the quest of conquering the world would have ideally liked to conquer this territory as well.

Instead he turned back mysteriously. So for me I saw this as a big gap and this is where I found the linkage in my book between the secret of the gods and Alexander's real purpose for visiting India. Doyle researched the scientific reasons to support the secret that he spoke off in the book, including travelling to Dasuya , from where Alexander supposedly retreated.

He believed that since Alexander had already proclaimed himself to be son of the Greek god Zeus , he might have already come across such a secret. In total, it took him two years to finalize and complete the book, and he based the story in science, and not on conspiracy theories or religion or mythical fantasy.

The use of hard core science and accepted scientific fact to explain mythology was something that makes my books different," he added. The book was released on 9 October by Westland. The Alexander Secret sold 15, copies within a month. Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty from The Hindu believed that with the book, Doyle was "all set to establish [himself] as a fantasy writer who looks at legends and mythology through the tunnel of science, from the convenience of the modern-day world.

The best part about the book is its pace and the storytelling which will keep readers engrossed continuously. Hence the success of [the book]". The paperback version of the book sold around 50, copies making it a commercial success. The popularity of the e-book deluged the author with requests to publish the sequel as a paperback.

He ultimately gave in, and the mini-sequel was published in print in March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paperback site. Ancient Greece portal Molecular and cellular biology portal Mythology portal Viruses portal. Retrieved 19 May The Hindu. Retrieved 6 July Zee News. Doyle tells t2 about the Mahabharata and science".

The Kolkata Telegraph. Retrieved 27 July Domain Business. Doyle dwells into Alexander and the myths of the Mahabharata in his latest book". The New Indian Express.

The Alexander Secret". The Alexander Secret] in Hindi. Aaj Tak. Book Reviews". Christopher Doyle". Retrieved 5 September Retrieved from " https:The next instant, the Land Cruiser was scraping metal on both sides and the sound of metal crumpling and tearing shattered the silence of the night, as the vehicle squeezed past the helicopter on one side and the metal railing at the shoulder of the highway, on the other side.

Colin, a natural rebel, had disliked him from the moment he laid eyes on Patterson. The Mahabharata Quest: A cold dread took hold of Imran as he sprinted up the stairs. As Alice and Damon entered the tomb, he returned for the other lamp, his eyes glistening with excitement. It will lead him to an ancient secret concealed in the myths of the Mahabharata; a secret that is powerful enough to transform him into a god..

Alice stopped the SUV, and got out, forcing back her tears.