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Sweet Temptation (Sweet Series Book 4) (English Edition) eBook: Maya Banks: site-Shop. Sweet Temptation (Sweet Series Book 4) eBook: Maya Banks: site Store. FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE BREATHLESS TRILOGY MAYA BANKS He was a by-the-book cop who broke the rules in the.

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For Her Pleasure: Fever The Breathless Trilogy Book 2. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 3 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. site Edition Verified download. Although the book was still good, it pushed my boundaries a bit too far to the point where I almost stopped reading the book.

I also felt that the Micah in this book wasn't the same Micah I've come to love in the earlier books. Glad I finished it, I don't think I could bring myself to read this book again It was a tad too hardcore for me. One person found this helpful.

site Edition. Totally intense. But while there are scenes that are confrontational - and I don't get Angel and Micah's hard core relationship - it's still an intriguing book if you are into that type of relationship. The fourth book in Maya Banks's Sweet series tells the story of Micah.

Micah's mysterious past comes to full light in this book--the tragic story of how his wife and best friend were killed in a tragic car accident and how he abandoned his best friend's kid sister, Angelina, in Miami when he fled the city trying to escape his past. Angelina is now all grown up and has been longing for Micah for years, waiting for him to move past the loss of his wife and to be able to love again.

Taking cues that he is finally ready, Angelina moves to Houston to try to seduce Micah and, while she finds his friends more than welcoming, Micah is resistant to her advances at best. On top of this, Angelina's mysterious Miami stalker has followed her to Houston and begun threatening her and her newfound friends.

This was a much darker, hardcore offering than some of the others in the series. Given Micah's true character shaped by his devastating personal history - which was only hinted at in the other books - that really wasn't a surprise.

Sadly, Angel is nothing but a doormat. Somehow this strong individualistic personality became a shadow of herself in front of a man. We find out that Angel is in the BDSM scene because she wants to be able to fulfil all of Micah's deepest darkest fantasies but Maya Bank's went overboard with everything in this book. A really bad book in an enjoyable series. This author can do so much better.

I had read this series years ago and felt so upset after reading this book I stopped reading Maya's books. I decided recently to reread them as one book should not put me off an author I like. Even on my second time reading I had a bad taste in my mouth even though I knew what was coming. In all the previous books Micah was one of my favourites. Micah was so caring and nice to all the previous women in this series, he seemed to genuinely like and enjoy women.

I really wanted him to have his happy ever after. No matter what his past, there was no reason to act as he did. He suddenly turned into a complete male pig. He treated Angelina so badly, allowing anyone to have sex with her and treat her like dirt because he was having feelings. This was not BDSM in any way, shape or form.

Angelina I liked and felt sorry that she had been in love with Micah for so long but after what he did to her I actually hoped she told him to take a hike.

But unfortunately she had no self-respect or self-esteem and seemed to accept him whoring her out. What was that about? See all 3 reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on site. Verified download. I have literally downloadd every book Maya banks ever wrote. She has made me laugh, cry and read old books over and over again. I'm not really into kink, but I gave these books a try because I trusted the author. In fact, I bought the entire series because of the trust I have in her.

I was doing OK, not great, but understanding that there is a lifestyle out there that I don't understand. Sweet Temptation crossed the limit for me. The football scene was a disgusting, unrealistic and degrading scenario for the characters and the person who wrote it. No human being could experience those things with pleasure for the length of time that it took place. I'm so sad and disturbed and disappointed. I can't Balance the stories the author has written with this one.

I can honestly say that I will continue reading her books because I can't let one single product ruin all the ones that I love. I do know that I will not ever read another one of her books in this genre because I no longer trust her stories on this topic.

I'm not trying to be critical or judgmental, just sharing how I feel. I don't recommend anybody read this book unless you truly enjoy seeing other people harmed, humiliated and totally annihilated as a human being. I feel the need to go back and reread the lovely stories that she has written to wash this one away.

I always wondered about Micah Hudsons' history This story starts off with a high octane 5 star BANG but quickly falls to a 4 star predicable plot painfully so! As intriguing as it was to see calm, cool, Micah thrown off his game, this story quickly descends to a low 3 star reading, and continues to plummet further from there.

I've always liked Micah What a delicious mess!! And for the most part Ms. Banks spells his dilemma out so well Angelina Moyano craves the darker erotic edge of sex [so she's a perfect match for Micah] - -all she wants is Micah No matter how far Micah runs from Angelina and his emotional, traumatic past for reasons I won't disclose , it eventually catches up to him.

He's so emotionally damaged that he feels unworthy of loving again, so he's got huge defenses set up around his emotions. For a long moment he simply stood there as the early morning light grew a little brighter. Warmth flooded the place where Micah stood, and Angelina took it as a sign that it was time.

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She would have to hurry if she was going to get to Twilight before he did. It was where he always went after he paid his homage to his former wife and David, his best friend. Only Angelina understood the need that drove him. Only she understood his pain, knew his private demons.

She would help him because she could do nothing else. Maybe now he could finally love her in return. She took the shortest route to the club and whipped into the back parking lot ten minutes later.

Though it operated twenty-four hours a day, at this time of the morning it was usually empty, and she knew that was one of the reasons Micah always chose this time to come.

Grabbing her bag, she hurried inside the employee entrance and checked with Rose, who manned the front door. Just give me a minute to change. If he gets here, put him in room one. No leather, no high-heeled boots.

No, save for the mask that protected her identity, she went with black jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt. Her long, dark hair was drawn into a braid and tucked down her shirt. She was as nondescript as they came. The last item was the leather mask that covered her from the neck up. Only her eyes were visible, and they blended with the dark leather, dark, almost black. David would have killed her if he were alive.


Micah would look at her with those dark eyes and ask her what the hell a little girl like her was doing in a place like this. And it was all because of him. A soft knock at her door had her whirling around as Mama Rose stuck her head in. When she entered, she sucked in her breath so hard her chest hurt. Her reaction to him never dimmed.

The sight of such a powerful, proud man standing in the middle of the room, bared to the waist, his hands high above him, tied to a spreader. He was utterly magnificent.

On another man, his pose might seem submissive. Only she knew better. Underneath the seemingly calm surface was a man who seethed with emotion. Dark and boiling. And she would call it to the surface. His head rose when he heard her footsteps.

As if the emotion bubbled that much closer to the surface. Not everyone would understand his needs. But she did. Oh, how she did. She would set him free. She would give him what he needed. She nodded her acceptance of his request. She alone understood his need for this kind of pain. They were more alike than he would ever know. She uncoiled the whip and let the end fall to the floor as she circled behind him.

Such beauty.

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His back was broad, his waist lean and narrow. The muscles tensed and bunched between his shoulder blades as he readied himself for her strike. How long she had practiced, relentlessly perfecting her method, so she would never disappoint him.

He was safe in her hands. The first lash landed against his skin with a deafening crack. He jerked but quickly righted himself and went still, awaiting the next.

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She flicked her wrist again, exerting just the right amount of force, and placed an identical stripe across from the first. She forced herself to relax, to not allow the welling emotion to bubble up.

Calmly and methodically she kissed his back with the lash, watching as he jumped and bowed under the whip. Sweat glistened on his back, dampened his hair until it fell in limp curls past his neck. Still she continued, sensing he needed more. She striped one side then the other, working a path down to his waist. As she worked her way back up, blood beaded and shone in the low light.

It was like making a cut in a festering wound. The relief was profound, as pressure—and pain—escaped the seething cauldron. His hands clenched in their bonds, his wrists flexing as he raised his head, looking upward as if he was seeking redemption.

With every stroke, she lavished him with her love. An unacceptable outlet for many. But this was his way. She accepted it, as she did him. A heavy sigh escaped him, the only sound he made the entire time. His shoulders drooped, and she knew it was enough. She let the whip fall and walked around to face him. His eyes were closed, but his cheeks were streaked with tears. Her own eyes clouded with moisture. Not at the funeral.

Not at the graves. She ached to hold him, to tell him it was all right, that Hannah and David loved him too. That she loved him. Instead she stepped forward and cupped his face lovingly in her hands. As she stepped away, he looked up at her with glazed, unfocused eyes. Another tear slipped down his cheek, marking a raw trail on his face.

She kissed the shaft of the whip and laid it carefully at his feet. She left the room on shaky legs, knowing Mama Rose waited to free Micah and to attend him in whatever way necessary. She shed her mask, for the last time. It was all she could do not to run back down the hall and throw her arms around him, beg him to take her with him.Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved.

As she worked her way back up, blood beaded and shone in the low light. English Download options: We are all wrong for each other. That she loved him. Or is it?