Lynne McTaggart Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field . verse was a heaving sea of energy – one vast quantum field. Some intriguing recent studies of healing,. c a rried out by Gary Schwartz at the. U n i ve rsity of A ri zona and his colleague,. B e ve rly Rubik, a biophysicist and. In her book, The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart () removes the new age veneer to report on an astonishing array of experiments showing the.

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of energy. These new theories, detailed in The. Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the. Universe by Lynne McTaggart, replace the reduc- tive world view of . ing entity—the field itself. The Field might be the closest we have to what in. Star Wars was called 'The Force'. Lynne McTaggart. Science of. The Field. Lesson 1. Lynne McTaggart's latest book The Intention Experiment, published in by Thorsons in the UK and by Simon & Schuster in the USA. The book is the first.

Your consciousness is not stored in your brain—instead, your brain is a receiver that picks up the signal of your consciousness from The Field. And through The Field, encoded in its infinite energetic frequencies, you are fundamentally connected to all other life. If you have ever picked up the feelings of a loved one from far away, known what your pet was thinking, worked in synchronicity with a team, or had a strong premonition of the future—then you have already glimpsed the power of this quantum connection.

To live The Field is to continuously enhance your ability to receive the signal of this unified consciousness. Distilling the best techniques from her acclaimed workshops, Lynne McTaggart gives you straightforward, practical tools to expand your access to the limitless energy and wisdom of The Field.

Whether you wish to boost your health, increase your intuitive powers, turn intention into reality, or even unlock your dormant extrasensory gifts, Lynne McTaggart will help you discover how to achieve profound and life-altering results when you begin Living The Field. Please wait I really enjoyed 2 of the 4 disks. This set was made in the mid to late s, so that's probably why.

Lynn is excellent at combining information from many sources and presenting it in an accessible and intriguing manner.

Posted on July 11, I am not disappointed with this download , I feel it is a highly beneficial step in my personal journey forward.

Posted on July 8, The CD's struck me as being a bit uneven, in that some were too heavy on minutiae, while others were very informative. Some of my lack of enthusiasm is perhaps due to Ms.

McTaggart's speaking voice, which is very evenly modulated to the point of almost a monotone. This made it harder for me to focus on what she was saying, because the tone was so monotonous. Perhaps the material should be read by someone else? Posted on June 26, This is a excellant CD.

Easy to understand for everyone no matter what path. It's a good foundation for introduction of spirit and science. Posted on March 2, So Much information presented so well.

Really made me think about the way we live our lives, what I am already doing and what I need to change to start "Living the Field" Posted on October 23, I have been hoping to find someone who can show me a path that makes sense and Lynne McTaggert did that.

If you already "get it" she will help you take the extra steps to start living it. Posted on April 13, A course of practices based on quantum physics to enhance your health and intuition. I had a hard time handling miracles. I am referring to genuine loaves-and-fishes-type miraculous events — a series of extraordinary and untoward situations in which people were instantly healed of all sorts of physical conditions after being assembled into a small group and sent a collective healing thought.

I remain. I am not an atheist — or even an agnostic. A deeply spiritual side to me remains convinced that human beings are more than a pile of chemicals and electrical signalling. I had begun the book as an attempt to understand scientifically why homeopathy and spiritual healing work.

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But the reason I remain drawn to the Maginot Line separating the material from the immaterial is that I rely upon bell curves and double-blind trials to underpin my faith.

A few frontier biologists had conducted research suggesting that the primary system of communication in the body is not chemical reaction. I like to ferret out.

My own. I am not given to arcane references to mysticism or auras. Prologue death — particularly those anomalies that upset conventional wisdom. But for all my forays into the unconventional. The frontier scientists I met during the course of my research — all with impeccable credentials attached to prestigious institutions — had made astonishing discoveries about the subatomic world that seemed to overthrow the current laws of biochemistry and physics.

In fact. I wondered. What can you do with it? Are we talking here about curing cancer or shifting a quantum particle? And to my mind.

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Is this a true power. But that fact. Each of them had stumbled on a tiny piece of what compounded to a new science.

This idea continued to nag at me. I had in mind a bolder enterprise. If we had this kind of extraordinary extended potential. This new science seemed to change everything we thought we knew about our innate human capacities.

I had grown especially curious about the implication of these discoveries: Prolo gue access information beyond the conventional bounds of time and space. In countless experiments.

Does this magnify the effect? I wanted to offer something besides manifesting a car or a diamond ring. Writing The Field hijacked me into further pursuit of the nature of this strange new view of reality.

A number of bestselling books had been published about the law of attraction and the power of intention — the idea that you could manifest what you most desired just by thinking about it in a focused way — but to all of this I maintained a certain incredulity.

Very little research had been carried out about group intention. Eventually this project evolved into. And all but one of the experiments were conducted with one or more controls. I wanted to examine whether this capacity was powerful enough to heal individuals.

Prologue radical new view of ourselves. I was essentially looking for a way to dissect magic. Periodically I would invite my internet audience.

Like a 21st-century doubting Thomas. The Intention Experiment. Although a number of the experiments were quite rudimentary.

My next book.

I gathered together a consortium of physicists. For most of the time I was running these experiments and Power of Eight groups. The Lost Symbol. The most powerful effect of group intention — an effect overlooked by virtually every popular book on the subject — was on the intenders themselves. I was asking the wrong questions. To put these results in perspective.

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As it turned out. At some point I began to acknowledge that the group-intention experience itself was causing big changes in people: I now realize. It was a year after I began the global experiments with groups of thousands that I decided to try to scale down the entire process in my workshops by creating Power of Eight groups and having them send healing intention.

For me it was just another. Prolo gue then launched the book. The outcome of both the groups and the experiments. The most important questions had more to do with the process itself. The Intention Experiment caught the public imagination.

But the results of the experiments themselves are only part of the story. Bestselling author Dan Brown even featured me and my work in one of his books. Eventually it dawned on me that these experiments were providing me. With each experiment.

Prologue placing members of the group in what can only be described as a state of ecstatic unity. What on earth had I done to them? At first. I observed this same group dynamic. They healed long-standing serious health conditions. As I kept telling my husband. For years I attributed what appeared to be rebound effects to my imagination working overtime. A few of them even transformed right in front of me.

I recorded hundreds. Then I became frightened by them and sought some historical or scientific precedent. Every experiment I ran. They mended estranged relationships. They discovered a renewed life purpose or cast off workaday jobs in favour of a career that was more adventurous or fulfilling. I needed to gather more stories. The inciting instrument for all of this was simply the gathering of these people into a group. And there was no shaman or guru present.

This story is about the miraculous power you hold inside of you to heal your own life.

The outcome of the group Intention Experiments are remarkable. The Power of Eight is also about me. I was also preoccupied by the natural limitations of a workshop setting. Now I was trying to scale down these effects to something personal for people.

I then wrote down: It certainly seemed to. Perhaps a mass intention amplified this power. Qigong masters. A US Army veteran from Tullahoma. Don had written in to my Intention Experiment website forum in March How were we going to demonstrate any meaningful transformation between Friday and Sunday afternoon? I started writing out our thoughts on a PowerPoint slide: Focused Concentrated All the global Intention Experiments I was planning were designed to heal something on the planet.

Perhaps we could find out whether a tiny group had the intention horsepower of the larger groups. Where was the tipping point in terms of numbers? Did we need a critical mass of people of the magnitude of some of our larger experiments.

A small group. He had numerous X-rays and other medical test reports. I did start to feel better. Even his ribs seemed frozen in place. Over the years. In I feel like a normal person again! The Space of Possibilities Intention Experiment. It still felt far too early in my own process of discovery to be running this workshop.

Lynne McTaggart - The Power of Eight (Intro & Chapter One)

Should we be forming circles? Should everyone hold hands? Where should the person who we were aiming to heal be — in the centre of the circle or as part of the circle? How long should the group hold their healing intention?I wanted to examine whether this capacity was powerful enough to heal individuals.

I wondered. Using intention to focus on tangible results. This was also demonstrated in a study of Tibetan monks. Human perception occurred because of interactions between the subatomic particles of our brains and the quantum energy sea. To live The Field is to continuously enhance your ability to receive the signal of this unified consciousness. This is a excellant CD. Evidence from Princeton and other research centers around the world indi- cates that human consciousness is a non- local energy force that can influence liv- ing and non-living systems, and create order.

PDF 1.

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