Japan's Standardization Policy (PDF:1,KB) PDF. The Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC), Japan's national standardization of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)-Establishment and Revision of the JIS including. These activities include the establishment and revision of Japanese Industrial Standards. (JIS) and the participation as Japan's representative. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | METI is, as of the beginning of May , in the process of revising the Japanese Industrial Standardization Act which was enacted in.

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Techstreet sells Japanese JIS standards translated into English. The collection is organized into 30 new categories based on JIS's classifications of the technical. Practical Information The Japan Industrial Standards Committee (JISC), a body to METI and in charge of surveying and deliberating on industrial standards. JISC (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee). Standardization Strategy. September, I. Introduction and Background. JISC developed.

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JIS G Ultrasonic examination for arc welded steel pipes. JIS G Methods for ultrasonic examination for carbon and low alloy steel forgings.

JIS G Ultrasonic examination of steel plates for pressure vessels. JIS H Ultrasonic inspection of titanium pipes and tubes.

JIS Z Standard test blocks for ultrasonic testing. JIS Z Method for measurement of performance characteristics of ultrasonic probes.

JIS Z Method for assessing the electrical characteristics of ultrasonic testing instrument using pulse echo technique. JIS Z Method for assessing the overall performance characteristics of ultrasonic pulse echo testing instrument. JIS Z Methods for measurement of ultrasonic velocity in solids by pulse technique using reference test pieces. Methods for measurement of thickness by ultrasonic pulse technique.

Request Free Trial. The need for common practices in companies of the same industrial sector leads to the establishment of industrial association standards, and the same need in terms of wider applications promotes the establishment of JIS.

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Discover the Difference. Sports Electrical engineering Electronics Energy and heat transfer engineering Environment. Health protection. Safety Fluid systems and components for general use Food technology Generalities. Documentation Glass and ceramics industries Health care technology Image technology Information technology.

Office machines Manufacturing engineering Materials handling equipment Mathematics. Natural Sciences Mechanical systems and components for general use Metallurgy Metrology and measurement. Physical phenomena Mining and minerals Packaging and distribution of goods Paint et colour industries Paper technology Petroleum and related technologies Precision mechanics.The standardization process is coordinated by Japanese Industrial Standards Committee and published through Japanese Standards Association.

JIS H Ultrasonic inspection of titanium pipes and tubes. They were placed on your computer when you launched this website.

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Japanese Industrial Standards From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For character encoding used in representing the Japanese language for computer software and communication, see JIS encoding.